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F8 Crusader firing its 20mm guns


99 Gators,

Your LACB30 Planning Committee has been hard at work on the details of LACB30 and I'm happy to report that our hotel is ready to accept reservations. In the past our allocation of rooms has been taken quickly so don't delay in making your plans. The place is the San Diego Marriott Hotel La Jolla. The official program dates are five nights from Tuesday, 25 September to Sunday, the 30th.

We were able to get a great rate of $165 per night plus the usual taxes and fees. No Resort Fee! Complimentary Wi-Fi. Over 50% discounted parking! The negotiated Crusader overnight parking rate is $12.00. If driving in for just the day, the parking rate is $8.00.

For those on a leisurely schedule, the contract allows an additional three days before and/or after at the same rate based on hotel availability. If you are planning to extend your dates, we recommend making your reservations early before these dates get booked by others.

The link to make your reservation on the web is F-8 Crusader Hotel Reservations - Marriott La Jolla. To reserve by phone call (800) 228-9290 and identify yourself with the F-8 Crusader Group. The web link provides more information about the amenities of the hotel.

We want to share the fun with as many F-8 drivers as possible so if you are in contact with any of your old buds who haven't been to an LACB in a while reach out to let them know what they've been missing. This could be our last LACB in Fightertown USA for a while so let's make it an event to remember. Also if you remember someone from the good old days but haven't seen them at previous LACBs we might be able to help find them. We have an assigned detail to look for these old gators and others close to our community to extend an invitation to join the festivities. Send a name and whatever details may help to Gator Finder and we'll start a search.

We are first on the list for MCAS Miramar Airshow reservations. They should have their pricing for chalets and catering available by April at which time we'll firm up the contract. Then we will be able to make the LACB30 Registration application available for download and submission in the late May timeframe. The next SITREP will have more specifics about reservations, registration, and the separate events of LACB30. Stay tuned.

Best regards,

Mike Waldron
Chairman, LACB30 Planning Committee

LACB30 Schedule

Wednesday, Sep 26
  • Noon - Check-in begins
  • Ready Room open
Thursday, Sep 27
  • p.m. - Membership meeting
  • Evening - Gunfighter reception
Friday, Sep 28
  • Day - Blue Angels Air Show MCAS Miramar
  • Evening - Squadron dinners
Saturday, Sep 29
  • a.m. - Golf
  • Mid-day - Ladies' High Tea
  • p.m. - Board meeting
  • Evening - Cocktails
  • Evening - 30th Last Annual Crusader Ball
Sunday, Sep 30
  • Farewells
  • 10 a.m. - Ready Room closes


Mike Waldron, LACB30 Chairman

Mary Buonaguidi, Meeting Planner

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Who Are We?

The Gunfighters

The F-8 Crusader was the last U.S. fighter designed with guns as its primary weapon. U.S. fighter aircraft are once again being fitted with guns, largely due to the Vietnam airwar experience. Missile-only aircraft were at a distinct disadvantage in the environment many thought passé — the dogfight . The Crusader, with its guns and Crusader drivers well versed in dogfighting, led to a resurgence in gun-equipped aircraft, and a renewed emphasis in ACM — Air Combat Maneuvering.

The F-8 Crusader Association is a 501(c)(19) non-profit organization formed to ensure we continue the long tradition of annual get-togethers and to maintain and renew the bonds which tie those who flew that magnificent fighter aircraft. The association's primary objective is to provide a real-time organization to keep track of members and facilitate communications among those who flew the world's greatest fighter aircraft.

In addition, the association collects and archives stories and photos from those who flew the F-8 Crusader. Our goal is to make this treasure accessible to all who are interested.