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We had the choice of guns or missiles. Note open gun vent doors as the guns fire.
Jerry Pearson, VF-24 (USS Hancock, Gulf of Tonkin, circa 1969) courtesy Chip Harris

    flag Dedicated to all F-8 pilots - "The Last of the Gunfighters"

    flag In Memory of those who took their Final Flight in an F-8

    flag Honoring those who earned the F-8's nickname, "the MiG Master"

Crusader Association Information
100 Years of Naval Aviation/Crusader Display 
Crusader Ready Room on Midway
A Brief History of the Chance-Vought F8U Crusader
The F8U-3 -- the "Super Crusader"
A Few Crusader Photos
The Gunfighter Maintainers Page
Crusader Art featuring Bill Northup; also Mike Karaffa and Allan Miranda
Here Are The MiG Masters
Records Set by the Crusader
RF-8's - The Photo Birds
Marine Corps Crusaders
French Navy Crusaders
Crusader Squadron Pages
  Crusader Squadron Reunions
Crusaders in Museums, As Gateguards, and Hulks
Gunfighter News & Notes
Recommended Reading
Guide to Navy Pilot's Lingo  -- Courtesy of F-8 driver  H.P. Lillebo
Add Me To The F-8 Pilots Database
The GEEDUNK Cool F-8 Stuff & Other Less Important Things
The Miottel Collection -- F-8's, old ships, and more!
Huge flying Crusader Model being developed. Details here!
Naval Helo Assn Page. Maybe you can find the guy who picked you up...
"Able Dogs" [Spad] Page (USN)
Spad Page (USAF); ResCap Guys.
'Nam Era POW site. Courage, Honor, and Strength found here.
A-4 Skyhawk Association Page
Tailhook Association
National Museum of Naval Aviation
"Challenge Air" website - Rick Amber's Legacy
Last Charlies
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