Call sign "Fearsome"

Commanding Officers
Cdr. Bob Cooke Cdr. Jim Foster Cdr. Stolly Stollenwerck
Cdr. Pete Easterling Cdr. Bill Brandel Cdr. Greg Gregory

DATES OF F-8 OPERATIONS: 2 July 1964 - 1 October 1969

MODELS OF F-8 EQUIPPED: F-8 C/D/E/H (First models were E's; these were swapped for earlier C & D models with squadrons deploying to SEA. The C's and D's were replaced by H's -- "remanufactured" D's).


DATES: TO: CAG: Carrier/Location:
Oct 64 - Nov 64 Carribean 10 - Cdr. Tom Hayward CVA-38 Shangri-la
Jan 65 W. Atlantic 10 - Cdr. Fred Koch CVA-38 Shangri-la
Apr 65 - Sep 65 Med 10 - Cdr. Fred Koch CVA-38 Shangri-la
Jun 66 - Jul 66 Gitmo 8 - Cdr. Obie Oberg Guantanamo Bay
Aug 66 - Sep 66 W. Atlantic 8 - Cdr. Obie Oberg CVA-38 Shangri-la
Sep 66 - May 67 Med 8 - Cdr. Obie Oberg, Cdr. Bruce Bagwell CVA-38 Shangri-la
Aug 67 Gitmo 8 - Cdr. Bruce Bagwell CVA-38 Shangri-la
Sep 67 - Oct 67 W. Atlantic 8 - Cdr. John Dixon CVA-38 Shangri-la
Nov 67 - Jul 68 Med 8 - Cdr. John Dixon; Cdr. Bob Lovelace CVA-38 Shangri-la
Jan 69 - Jul 69 Med 8 - Cdr. Bob Lovelace CVA-38 Shangri-la

SIGNIFICANT OPERATIONS: 1965 Paris Airshow; Key West hotpad duty Oct 64, Jul - Aug 67; PHIBLEX 10-67

Front row: Jim Foster, Stolly Stollenwerck, Lou Alexander, Larry Durbin, George Jones, Louis Dupuis, & Harry Henning
Back row: John Baehr, Randy Rime, Jim Matheny, unknown, Dave Haman, Bruce Boland, Bob Grammer, Tom Donahue, & Gordon Knight.

Front row: Dave Wilcox, H. P. Lillebo, Harry Landry, Bill Brandel (C.O.), Greg Gregory (X.O.), Jack Finley, Jack Musitano
Back row: Lee Collum, Ron Perisho, Dick Sanborn, Frank Bachman, Steve Ramsdell, Bob Eichorn, John McSherry, Dave Johnson, Dave Matheny, Al Johnson, Jerry Slater, Eric Wolff

1996 Crusader Ball; National Museum of Naval Aviation

Left to right: Wes Clarke, unknown, Paul Skarlatos, John Baehr, Dick Sanborn, Bill Brandel, Harry Henning, Stolly Stollenwerck, Jim Doggette, Jim Matheny

Left to right: Greg Gregory, Randy Rime, Carl Jensen, Mac McLean, Hotdog Brown, Dave Haman, Dave Johnson, Pete Easterling, Al Kluborg, Larry Durbin.

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