Tail letters "VM"

Commanding Officers
LtCol. Tom Nichols LtCol. Don Dempster LtCol. Del Davis
LtCol. Boss LtCol. Boss LtCol. Boss


July 61 - December 67


F-8U-1 (F-8B), F-8U-2N (F-8D)


DATES: TO: Notes: Carrier:
Jan 62 - Feb 63 Atsugi, Cubi Pt., Dixie Station First USMC jet TransPac; Operation Tulungan (SATS, Mindoro) USS Hancock (CVA-19)
Aug 63 - Nov 63? Rosie Roads
Mar - Apr 64 Gitmo
May-64 US - Rota - US 1st. USMC non-stop TransLant
Oct - ? 64 US - Rota - US Operation Steelspike I SATS; TransLant
?? 64 Key West Ordnance Trng.
Feb-65 Rosie Roads Dominican Republic Crisis

VMF (AW) 451 flew F-8D's out of MCAS Beaufort. Although Vietnam was "on" at the time, we remained in Beaufort to hold up responsibilities related to Cuba, Europe, and to replace Navy squadrons on board ship while they transitioned to the F4.

(circa 1964) Back Row

J. I. Cunningham, Jim Admire, Hal Hunter, Joe Dorsett, Jim Wanless,Jim Mulligan, Norm Marshall, Jim Cowart, "Reach" (need a first name) Smith, Lou Pritchett, Ray Smart, Jim McRoberts, Herb Jellander, Rod Horrigan.

Front Row
George Rule, Phil Correro, Jack Car, Ned Lanning, Don Dempster, Doug Lawrence, Don Cathcart, Bob Capen, John White

451 Over the Shangri-La

From "TOAD" (Crusadr451@aol.com)

Well the quasi 451 communicator for Sader drivers is back on line from Arizona with a few items of interest.

First, Norm "Gorp" Marshall stopped in on his way to Shreveport..... We had a great time sitting in the pool, sucking up a few cool ones and reminding each other what
heros we were????

Jane and I are looking forward to heading to California to meet ..... my old Forrestal roommate.

More to follow on the 451 activities....Doug

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